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A few words about me
I am working as a software developer in Orange County, Southern California. My most recent research experience is in Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in the area of Intelligent systems.

I am finalizing my Ph.D. dissertation in Automated Systems for Information Processing and Management (Databases) at Technical University-Sofia, Bulgaria. The title of my dissertation is "Parallel Algorithms for Sorting and Searching with Application in an Information System". My scientific advisor is prof. Stoicho Stoichev. The focus areas of my dissertaion are:
  1. Develop efficient parallel algorithms and software for the widely used operations sorting and searching, designed mainly for the multicore processor PC and servers;
  2. Evaluate the application of the developed parallel algorithms in a decision-support system in the area of human resources management.
Before that I was enrolled as a MS student in Computer Science for one year. I received Bachelor of Computer Systems and Technologies degree from the Technical University - Sofia. Resume

My Scientific Interests
I am interested in intelligent systems;databases; data warehousing; cryptographic algorithms and protocols; e-learning;program languages; parallel computing; algorithms; information retrieval; formal ontologies.